Become a Monthly Partner

The most significant way you can help Partners With Ethiopia is through your financial support. When you donate, you are investing in the future of precious lives. Partners With Ethiopia can accept monthly recurring donations online. Go to to donate.

You can also mail in a donation by making your check out to Partners With Ethiopia and mailing to:

Partners With Ethiopia
P.O. Box 27637
Golden Valley, MN  55427

Why should I become a monthly partner?

Your ongoing monthly financial gift will be applied to our latest project. Currently, we are raising funding to support The Kamfourd School of Excellence in Shanto, Ethiopia. Kamfourd is the school home to 90% of the sponsored children in Shanto. Kamfourd offers the sponsored children a full-day, year-round education. Kamfourd works closely with FOVC’s Shanto Center of H.O.P.E. to ensure the best possible education and programming to break the cycle of poverty in these children’s lives. Become a monthly partner today and help support this amazing school.

Financial Transparency

Your financial investment is important to us. Without your generosity we could not support our partners in Ethiopia. We also understand that you place a lot of trust in our hands, especially when it comes to the proper handling of your hard-earned financial gift.

Therefore, we promise to work with the utmost integrity and transparency. We require monthly reporting of our direct donations to our partners in Ethiopia. We also travel annually to check in on the projects we support.

Thank you for partnering with us!





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