A Heartfelt Thanks From Ato Desta

The main focus of our sponsorship program is education. In fact, the acronym in H.O.P.E. Child Sponsorship stands for http://beautygoesdigital.com/2016/01/create-content-easily-free-class/ Helping you can try here Orphans Prosper through Education.

A few of the students at Humbo School

In Ethiopia, over 30% of school aged children do not attend school. The biggest obstacle to school attendance is poverty. Imagine being so poor that you had to choose between food and school supplies. That’s the reality for many families living in poverty. Even though school is free to attend, children are sent home if they arrive without the proper supplies or uniform.

Kids and their teachers in the classroom for deaf students

This is why, each year, we hold our School Is Cool fundraiser. These funds are used to send unsponsored children to school. FOVC has dreams of expanding the sponsorship program to even more villages, and each year they select the poorest children in those villages to receive school supplies so they can get an education.

Ato Desta on the left, with many of the students in Humbo who received supplies last year

Last year we met with Ato Desta Anja, principal of the school in Humbo, near Wolayta Soddo. Ato Desta is a warm, caring man, and he loves his students. He’s been employed at the school for 40 years! He reiterated to us that the 150 children in Humbo who received help with school supplies would absolutely have NOT been in school this year without our (YOUR!) help. 

Meeting with Ato Desta and his staff in Humbo. They were thrilled to receive some soccer balls for the kids!

Ato Desta wanted to make sure that all of our supporters knew how crucial your help was in getting 150 kids to school each day last year. So, from Ato Desta, the staff, and all the children at Humbo School, THANK YOU!

This year you have an opportunity to send these kids back to school this year. It costs $40 to send a child to school for the entire year. Our fundraiser ends in just two days, and we need your help to send 440 kids to school this year!