A Visit With Ermias

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Raising a child isn’t an occasional responsibility. Children in all parts of the world need daily advice, guidance, and encouragement to truly thrive. FOVC arranges home visits with its charges to stop in, say hi, and see how they’re doing. We’re thrilled to say our latest home visit host, Ermias Engeda, is succeeding in more ways than we could hope for.

One of the children who has been in the program since the establishment of Shanto Center of H.O.P.E., Ermias has been getting all the benefits of sponsorship: hot meals, hygiene supplies, scholastic materials and other incidentals, and of course an education. On that last front, Ermias is succeeding with flying colors.

During FOVC’s visit, they got a sense of Ermias’ sheer intelligence, and they describe him as nothing short of brilliant. He’s accepted a number of academic awards from school, and he also recently took the national exam for grade 10 students.


Ermias with a letter from his sponsor. Receiving mail from their sponsors is a joyous occasion for our sponsored kids!

Awaiting the results of the exam, Ermias enjoys his spare time by playing football (soccer to Americans) with his friends around the neighborhood. He’s also reading lots of books to feed his curiosity and keep up with world events.

Finally, it’s important to note that Ermias is also an upstanding member of his family. Many rural folk in Ethiopia support their families through helping with the family farm and Ermias is no different, keeping the family income strong with his efforts – he even says he enjoys farm work. This child is truly one in a million!

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