Giving Hope to Orphans

IMG_2430-1024x683 Intently listening at the Kamfourd School.  

see url When you think back over your life, is there a teacher that stands out? A coach perhaps, or a loving adult who deeply impacted you?

Partners With Ethiopia is a group of U.S.-based individuals who care about the orphans in Ethiopia. However, we cannot be there every single day to love, educate, and care for these children. Nor should we be. The truth is there are so many Ethiopians who want to impact the communities around them. That is why we are “partnering with” our Ethiopian friends as they work hard and invest in the future of their country. . . children.

The Kamfourd School of Excellence is a private school located in the village of Shanto, Ethiopia. Kamfourd is the school home to 90 percent of the children in FOVC’s H.O.P.E. sponsorship program. We know that when these children grow up it will be the teachers, coaches, and support staff at Kamfourd School that they will remember. It’s those caring adults who are working hard every day to give these children hope. That is why we are proud to be supporting this unique school that offers small class sizes and year-round education.

imageBergene Balcha has worked for The Kamfourd School since 2010. Originally from the Shanto area, he returned home after college to teach mathematics and biology at Kamfourd. His gentle, patient spirit make him a great role model for the students. Bergene writes, “I am happy to work for this unique school that strives to improve the future of previously unrecognized and ignored groups of society. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate a child.”




imageJust like Bergene, Marta Araso grew up in the Shanto area. After gratuating from the Awassa Teaching College, Marta returned home and began working at the Kamfourd School. Since 2010 she has been teaching Amharic and English. Marta writes, “I am very happy to work in this school, for it helps orphan and vulnerable children to pursue their education and improve themselves in the future. Before now, they were not considered as able citizens who can learn and improve themselves. Now I understand that all children have ability to change themselves if they have support. I am lucky to work in this school.”



imageAfter graduating from the Awassa Teaching College, Merkin Mamo joined the staff at Kamfourd School. He is qualified to teach music, art, health, and physical education. His training has been put to good use impacting the lives of the most vulnerable children in his home village. Merkin writes, “I am interested to teach in this school because of the following reasons: first, the school is providing education for poor children from families who are not doing well economically and cannot afford their children’s education. Next, it is working hard to improve the quality of education by hiring qualified and experienced teachers and staff. I am really excited to be working at a school which will produce self-reliant citizens in our country. I would like to work at Kamfourd throughout my career.”

Partners With Ethiopia is excited to be supporting the 19 staff members at The Kamfourd School of Excellence. Partner with us today by making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly partner!


Our Board President, Ingrid Olson, and her teenage son visited the Kamfourd School in April 2015.