Kamfourd School

how to order Premarin online Partners With Ethiopia is excited to be supporting The Kamfourd School of Excellence in Shanto, Ethiopia. We are striving to raise funding for 19 staff members’ salaries and school administrative expenses.

see url The Kamfourd School of Excellence is a privately owned primary school in the village of Shanto, Ethiopia. Kamfourd was founded in 2006 by SHAPEthiopia’s director, Desalegn Daka. Kamfourd is the school home to 90% of our sponsored children in Shanto. Unlike the local government school, Kamfourd offers the sponsored children a full-day, year-round education. Kamfourd works closely with SHAPEthiopia’s Shanto Center of H.O.P.E. to ensure the best possible education and programming to break the cycle of poverty in these children’s lives.

Why is Kamfourd Excellent?

We are striving to support Kamfourd school because of three unique characteristics. They have an extremely dedicated staff, small class sizes, and offer a year-round education for the sponsored children in Shanto.

To truly understand how unique Kamfourd School is, it is helpful to understand education in Ethiopia.

Education is Ethiopia

There are many government-run schools. These schools are free for children to attend, but often families must be able to provide their own school uniform, shoes, and school supplies. For the poorest children these basic necessities are hard to come by. Without help, most orphans and vulnerable children do not receive an education despite the fact that government schools are free. In the village of Shanto there is a free government primary school. However, the school is home to over 2400 children. Since the buildings cannot accommodate those numbers, the children are divided into two groups and half attend in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. The school has 35 staff members making classrooms very crowded. This is very typical in Ethiopia.

It is why Partners With Ethiopia loves what the Kamfourd School of Excellence has to offer.

Kamfourd School’s Relationship With SHAPEthiopia’s Shanto Center of H.O.P.E

Currently, there are 150 precious children in a sponsorship program who attend the Shanto Center of H.O.P.E. on a weekly basis. And 90% of those children attend Kamfourd School. Kamfourd is a 2-minute walk from the Shanto Center of H.O.P.E. Therefore, SHAPEthiopia’s staff works closely with the Kamfourd school staff to ensure that the children are receiving the best support possible. In partnership with SHAPEthiopia, the school provides a hot lunch each day for the children in the sponsorship program. They also provide the boys and girls with a school uniform, school supplies, and shoes.

We accept one-time and recurring financial donations. Give today to Kamfourd School at www.give2pwe.org.