Our Wishlist

where can i buy viagra cheap online Our partners in Ethiopia constantly amaze us with how they are able to do so much with so little. However, there are many things they could use to make their jobs much easier and more efficient. If you’d like to help us provide FOVC with some much needed office equipment, the following is a wish list of their current needs. You will see that because FOVC has offices at five different project sites, many items are listed in multiples. The cost listed is for the total number of each item needed. We prefer to purchase these items in country whenever possible.

Motorbikes for social workers (3) – $5,000

Printers (5) – $950

Desktop computers (2) – $1,200

Digital cameras (5) – $800

File cabinets (2) – $400

Children’s desks (20) – $700

Office chairs (11) – $1,100

Staplers (10) – $60

Hole punch (10) – $60

Calculators (5) – $60

Binding machine – $200

Large stapler – $40

Office tables (2) – $200

Projector – $500

Ink cartridges (20) – $600

Playground – $6,500

where to buy accutane online If you are interested in funding or learning more about any of these items, please email Ingrid at reachinghiskids@gmail.com or Renee at reneestauffer@hotmail.com

go site Donations may be made by check, or online at www.give2pwe.org with a note in the comments section to let us know which items you would like to purchase. Thank you so much!

Kids at the Kamfourd school are currently sitting on metal pipes and holding their plates on their laps at lunchtime.