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go to link If you would like to join us for our annual trip to Ethiopia, please let us know. We are happy to answer any of your questions. If you would like more information please e-mail us at


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Spring 2019

where can i buy clomid over the counter Interested in traveling with us to visit our partners in Ethiopia?

Our goal is to travel with teams of five to fifteen people once per year. The trips are usually one and a half to two weeks in length, which includes travel time. The cost (which includes airline tickets, travel, accommodations, and food) usually totals around $2,800. We have had people from all over the United States join our teams. In particular, we love to bring sponsors over to meet their children, but non-sponsors are always welcome. It is the highlight of a child’s life to meet their sponsor! We believe that people need the opportunity to see and experience the impact of the programs we support.

Why travel with us?

Is spending $2,800 on a trip to Ethiopia a good investment, or is it better spent as a donation to the children? We believe that when people are afforded the opportunity to travel, see with their own eyes both the needs that exist and the hope that is being provided, the longterm impact is far greater than if the money had simply been donated. Also, the children absolutely long to meet their sponsors, and the impact to the children’s lives is immense when they have the opportunity to meet, hug, and get to know their sponsor.


What does the trip consist of?

After two days of travel, we arrive in Hawassa, Ethiopia. We typically spend one full day at each of the five Centers of H.O.P.E. Much of the day is spent simply being with the children. We visit their classrooms, help serve them lunch, do craft projects, and deliver sponsor gifts. We also follow up on Widow’s Hope and Community Development projects. In addition, we conduct home visits throughout the day where sponsors will be able to visit their child’s home and meet with their caregivers. Getting out into the village, seeing people’s lives, and having an opportunity to talk to the parent or caregiver is lifechanging. On these trips the days are long, full, and at times hard, but absolutely worth it and so full of joy!

Will we be building anything?

Yes. Relationships! Many mission or humanitarian trips consist of “constructing” something or have some form of manual labor such as painting a building. We however, believe that there are plenty of Ethiopians that would like nothing more than to be afforded the opportunity to work and feed their families by doing these jobs. All of the ongoing and special project labor and construction needs are handled by local Ethiopians and facilitated by the local Ethiopian staff. So, although we will not be constructing anything, we will most certainly spend most of our time building the most important thing of all…relationships.

Is it safe?

Despite being surrounded by countries that have and continue to face conflict, Ethiopia is a very peaceful country at this time. However, we continue to closely monitor any issues in Ethiopia that would impact our safety while traveling. We take safety very seriously. Our accommodations are clean (with some–but not all–of the comforts of the U.S.), and we have security guards at the compounds where we visit with the children. Partners With Ethiopia’s president, Ingrid Olson, has traveled to Ethiopia six times and has never felt unsafe.

How do I learn more?

If you would like to learn more about traveling with us to Ethiopia feel free to reach out with any questions you may have by e-mailing us at We would love to have you along.


When a sponsor travels with us they visit their sponsor child’s home, meet the caregivers, and deliver a small gift.


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