YOU Changed Her Story!

The life of a widowed woman in rural Ethiopia is one of immense difficulty; with few opportunities to earn an income and support her family, a woman like Alemitu is often left to struggle and beg to feed her family.

Alemitu with her livestock, her face radiating joy!

Three years ago our wonderful donors supported Alemitu and 35 other widows in Shanto through the buy Pregabalin online australia Widow’s Hope Livestock Development Project. Each woman received a cow and a sheep. Alemitu is just one of the women whose lives were changed by this program.

Alemitu’s livestock has since given birth and increased from one sheep and one cow to three cows and two sheep! Because of this she has been generating her own income and supporting her family independently.

Alemitu reports that her income from selling dairy products has enabled her to send her children to school, seek healthcare for them when they are sick, and improve their standard of living. She made sure to ask us to please thank all of the donors and supporters who made this program possible, so THANK YOU for believing in women like Alemitu!